Why Listen to Me?

I think it’s because of what I am not.

I am NOT –

  • Your Mom
  • Your Dad
  • Your Boss
  • Your Teacher
  • Your Priest
  • Your Girlfriend, Spouse, or Fiance
  • Your Boyfriend, Spouse, or Fiance
  • Your Relative of any kind
  • Your Therapist

In other words, I am a stranger. You do not know my name, phone number, or email. Even better, I don’t know who you are. So not much chance of me ratting you out to anyone that does.

I want to lighten your mood, inspire positive thinking, and get a giggle or two out of anyone listening. Little ears along with big ears are welcome. I rarely cuss, and I owe you a buck if I do.

Please let me know if I do this or don’t do this by submitting a feedback form. Oh – and feel free to suggest a non-political topic you would like me to discuss while you’re at it!

What Would You Like to UN-Learn?

Or UN-See, UN-hear?

I will help you out with fill-in-the-blank statements…

Girl covering her ears and not looking up
  • What the Mohs method is.
  • Drunk confessions. When ________ drank, I learned things about them that shocked me.
  • I could have lived the rest of my life happily without knowing _________________________ ?

I learned a lot of things the hard way. Good things to learn, but I want to UN-learn how I learned them. Does that make sense to anybody else?

Don’t be shy! Leave a reply, and I will talk about things people want to UN learn or UN remember next week. I will not share your name, email, or anything personal. I won’t even keep that info on file. Write your thoughts in the reply box below.

This will be fun!

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Learning Something

Have you noticed that you learn at least one thing every day? I know I do, and depending upon who I talk to, what I follow online, what I watch on TV, the station I listen to on the radio, and what I read influences the kind of things that I learn. Personal experience with things can teach you as well (i.e., the hard way.)

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Last Month I learned –

  • The Omnicron-3 booster is now available at pharmacies. You need this to be protected against the multitude of variants that are spreading around now. Will this ever end?
  • Don’t shop at Costco on Sundays or Fridays.
  • When the doctor’s office calls to remind you of tomorrow’s appointment, verify the location the doctor will be at.

Not exactly life-changing knowledge here, but helpful.

I Thought You Were Dead!

Audio Version

Not quite dead. Just a severe case of “life interuptus,” which is not over, BTW, but it’s better now.

The title reminds me of one of my favorite 80s movies, Escape from New York. Kurt Russell played a tough guy named Snake. Everyone who meets him in the film always says to him, “I thought you were dead.” The reason I bring this up is because that is the way of the world – if your media presence, news stories, and escapades drop down, the public suspects you died, and they missed the news about it.

You, my friends (if you are reading this, you must be a friend), did not miss any news about me. For one thing, I have never been in the news except for 2 times: I was 3 years old on the Engineer Bill Show, and at 24 years of age, I wrote a feature article for the Father’s Day contest the Stockton Record hosted.

Of course, we all know I’m not a celebrity. At one time, it was a goal of mine to be a celebrity. I needed attention, and I wanted my presence to make people happy. I wanted my opinion to count. I did not want to continue to worry about money. I wanted Ving Rhames to be my bodyguard. I wanted to guest star on all my favorite shows. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I hope so. Otherwise, I just threw out one of my embarrassing secrets to the world.

“Oh, grandma, what a big EGO you have!” said little red riding hood. Ha.

Reality is what took my ego down a few hundred pegs. That was a VERY good thing. I could have spent my whole life unhappy because I wasn’t ‘all that.’ What an idiot I was about that. Oh, I’m still an idiot about many things, but I am teachable. I learn new stuff every day. Stuff that is mostly positive, which I want to share with you here in my tiny corner of the internet. I hope you will check in once in a while. We all need more positivity!

Today’s giggle:

Poster here that says, "We are living in a generation that would unplug your life-support to charge their cellphone."


November is National Novel Writing Month. I, and a bunch of other crazy people, sign up to write a (50,000 words) novel in 30 days. If this sounds like something you might like to try – check it out at www.nanowrimo.org/

The past few years, I spent November working on novels I needed to finish & edit. Enough of that! I need to write about something NEW and Completely Different. For the past 2 days, I have been using a NaNo Prep workbook to help me find characters and a plot I can write a fiction novel about. I am amazed at how blank my brain is after having spent years writing about the same plots and character’s that I know well. I know that this attempt at a new book is just what I need to sweep the cobwebs out of my belfry and make room for creativity to grow.

Not that it isn’t scary. So far, it has been painful and not fun. I hate the unknown, even when it comes to my own ideas. They say, “write what you know.” Most of what I know does not make for good reading. Hence, I must research a lot, which takes up my writing time. One of the perks of NaNoWriMo is that there is no editing, research, or inner critics allowed. The idea is to get 50,000 words onto paper and finish a DRAFT. Do you have any idea how hard that is? After being taught in English classes to edit as you write and make things perfect, this approach is as unfamiliar as the surface of Jupiter. Even with a map, you don’t know which way to go.

I’m not trying to confuse you or bring you down. What I am trying to do is give myself a pep talk. I have to do this once in a while to encourage me to move forward. It occurred to me that other people are probably struggling with things and also need a good pep talk. Now you know what my “things” are. I’m a good listener if you have a need to rant or whine about yours. If you ask, I would try and give you a pep talk, but the best pep talks are those that come from within yourself. Only I know what I really need or want to hear.

Of course, I have to make this venture more challenging by trying to use new software for writers to write my draft novel. Dabble is offering a free trial through Nov 30th, so I am ready to try out this organizing software for writers and see if it helps me keep track of things while I write. I’ll keep you posted.

I have not been podcasting of late because of the work being done on our house. Power tools and air compressor noises are just too much to talk over (or think about while they are intruding on the airspace.) It’s quiet in the morning before the workers get going, so I try to write before 9:00 am. Now you know what I am up to this fall. I will be needing humor more than ever, so I promise to share any I come across!

This put a smile on my face this morning: